After The Fall

by Ahab's Ghost

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Scumbag Maybe it's only me, but when I listen to this album I feel like this is what it would sound like if the Sex Pistols were to attempt to play groove metal! Maybe throw in a little Misfits influence... What do you reckon?
A good time to be had, whatever the case! Favorite track: Howl.
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FDJ A wonderful hybrid of hard rock/ punk and stoner metal.Plenty of meaty riffs and good vocals.Special mention for the bass player who is outstanding on this album. Favorite track: Slag.
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released February 29, 2012

Bass Guitar/Vocals--Joe Widen
Guitar/Vocals--Jake Hess
Drums--Sam Wallman



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Ahab's Ghost Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Since the band's inception in 2009 they have bombarded listeners and with a unique and engaging sound that is as ear catching as it is aggressive. Their delivery of thunderous tones, gain, pure volume and speed has made a footprint print in Milwaukee's music scene.
New recordings are underway for another self produced EP and studio full length.
Peace, Love, Sweat, and Rock n' Roll,
Ahab’s Ghost
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Track Name: Breathing Poison
Am I evil? I am evil.
You be the judge when you've been judged.
A toxic kiss on supple lips.
From red to dead in 3, 2, 1.

Now now I see
It's in the name of tragedy.

I'm breathing poison.

You can't resist me, you just insist me.
You will know when I am done.
A subtle touch is just enough.
From red to dead in 3, 2, 1.
Track Name: Slag
I have found the neutral flame
Six thousand degrees.
When the molten puddles came
Pull that trigger, squeeze.

Slag, yeah.
Molten ball of metal.
Slag, yeah.
Madness of the melt.

Tilt your gun at a 45
Push the trigger, do not pull.
If the shit gets hot it's gonna dive
Fill it with your rod until its full.
Track Name: Howl
Howl, your hands of murder and cold,
Weave through the night,
Make hearts as black as coal.
From out of sight,
A young boy's knell is knolled,
To blot the light,
To slay what's right and bold.

The crimson flies, the shepherd dies,
The streets are paved with bone.
But no matter which road it takes,
Howl is coming home.

Howl, your words of ruin and sly
Sound from below,
And bid the wraiths of night pry,
To douse and stow
All candles of the night sky,
The fatal crow
To scan for life as she flies.
Track Name: Straight To Hell
Well I've got a lot of things on my mind,
I ain't been to church in quite some time.
I never really known nothing like love.
Except a girl with a bottle of whiskey son.

And I know, I know, I know, I know,
I'm going straight to Hell.

I can see my time ahead is in flames,
I've been lured to the River Styx by Siren dames.
I can feel the flames getting higher and higher.
Lucifer lights my funeral pyre.

And I got my tale to tell,
And I got my soul to sell,
And I'm going straight to Hell
Track Name: Double Blood
Tearing up the highway,
Drive into the sun.
I tan, you burn.
Revving up my motor,
Black rain has begun.
Some people never learn.

Double Blood.

On to the horizon,
West devil's cry.
They'll cut you down.
Expanse infinite,
Blaze into the sky.
Then drive into the ground.
Track Name: At the Gates of Sleep
Track Name: Covered In Blood
What evil deed have I committed?
Unknown atrocities fill me with guilt.
World turned upside down, all has shifted.
Is this mortal nectar I have spilled?

Awaken covered in blood.
What is this evil deed that I have done?
Awaken, covered in blood.
Somebody tell me what I have done.

Gory stains upon my skin and hair.
Unbound thoughts and fears lead me astray.
God knows when I'll wake up from this nightmare,
Escape I can't find, thus in Hell I stay.
Track Name: Heavy Metal Machine
Heavy metal crushing
The skulls of the innocent.
Heavy metal forming
Militia of the militant.

Retreat. Your city falls at your feet.
Be witness to the heavy metal machine.

Heavy metal sealing
The bond of our fathers.
Heavy metal feeding
The food of our altars.
Track Name: Satisfire
Take my hand my child of evil.
There is peril where you go.
I will lead you through the mire.
And I'll tell you all I know.
I know what you need,
Don't bite the hand that feeds,

Take my hand, my daughter of darkness.
These ways where you go.
They will lead you into the night.
And I'll tell you all I know.

Realm of power, darkest hour,
Come down from your cross.
Bathing in sin, endings begin,
You're forever lost.